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ABOUT  Frilly Fru Fru

Frilly Fru Fru was born out of a mother's love for her family. Joyce K., the owner, displays her passion for fashion in every piece of jewelry and accessory she creates. She is a self-proclaimed Diva that loves people and thrives in helping others feel good about themselves inside and out.


Frilly Fru Fru jewelry and accessories are all handmade and designed for Divas from every walk of life.


JK's unique designs set this growing company apart.  Get your custom-made sandal tank tops or handmade jewelry today!

What our customers say about us...

Lady D., pictured in a Frilly FruFru ensemble, is a Renowned Spoken Word Diva. And here's what she said:


"Design makes the difference --- Frilly FruFru puts so much love and care into each design detail.  They will be dressing me for events to come!!"

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